AIPL procures and supply Ferrous and Non ferrous Scrap through set parameters of the company which are tailor made to satisfy our client’s requirement and assure highest quality standards keeping in mind the ISRI specifications.
List of Ferrous Scraps

MS Scrap (CRC), HMS 1, HMS 1&2, Cast Iron, Shredded Scrap 210-211, Shredded Scrap E46
List of Non Ferrous Scraps

Copper: Cathodes, Rods, Wire, Mill Berry, Black Berry, Birch / Cliff, Cables

Aluminum: Taint/Tabor, Tense, Talon, Taldon, UBC, Cables, ect

Zinc: Die Cast, Drosses, Ingots, Alloy Scrap,

Brass: Brass honey, Brass oceans, Brass Nomad, Brass Ash & Drosses

Stainless Steel: SS 304, SS316 second and scrap, 400 series scrap, and 200 series scrap

Lead: Pure Lead Ingots, Re-melted Lead Ingots, Lead Scrap RACKS, RAINS, RADIO & Drained Battery Scraps