Solid - Round, Square, Rectangular & Hexagonal Bars. Profile Sections.
Brasses - Free cutting, Forging, Lead free, Naval & High tensile.
Bronzes - Phosphor, Manganese & Aluminium - Silicon. Cupro Nickel, Nickel Silver. Hollow Bars.
in confirmation to different standards like IS, BS, DIN, ASTM, JIS, UNS, CSA, UNI, BIS, AS and all other International standards of copper & Copper alloy Extrusions.

The Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process used to produce brass involves combining the appropriate raw materials into a molten metal, which is allowed to solidify. The shape and properties of the solidified metal are then altered through a series of carefully controlled operations to produce the desired brass stock.

Brass stock is available in a variety of forms including plate, sheet, strip, foil, rod, bar, wire, and billet depending on the final application. For example, brass screws are cut from lengths of rod. The zigzag fins used in some vehicle radiators are bent from strip. Pipes and tubes are formed by extruding, or squeezing rectangular billets of hot brass through a shaped opening, called a die, to form long, hollow cylinders.

The differences between plate, sheet, strip, and foil are the overall size and thickness of the materials. Plate is a large, flat, rectangular piece of brass with a thickness greater than about 0.2 in. (5 mm)—like a piece of plywood used in building construction. Sheet usually has the same overall size as plate, but is thinner. Strip is made from sheet that has been cut into long, narrow pieces. Foil is like strip, only much thinner. Some brass foil can be as thin as 0.0005 in (0.013 mm).

The actual manufacturing process depends on the desired shape and properties of the brass stock, as well as the particular machinery and practices used in different brass plants. Here is a typical manufacturing process used to produce brass sheet and strip.

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